This Hero Cat Saved a Three-Year-Old’s Life

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Credit: Fox 8 News
Credit: Fox 8 News
Credit: Fox 8 News

Yeah, we all know that age-old saying that dogs are a man’s best friend – but after this we reckon someone’s going to have to take a look at rewording that one.

This ginger tabby, called Opie, took a bullet – quite literally – when it flew into his family’s window, potentially saving the life of a sleeping three-year-old in the room.

The stray bullet shot its way through the couch, before making its way into Opie’s head, neck, shoulder and ribs.

It eventually came to a stop just inches away from where Angelica Sipe’s three-year-old was sleeping, and she’s convinced the cat deflecting the bullet saved her son’s life.

After being rushed to an emergency clinic, Opie underwent surgery, but you’ll be pleased to know he’s feline much better and is expected to make a full recovery. 

What a badass kitty. Maybe his family should consider a change of name. Like Chuck Meow-ris. Or…Jet Kitten-li. No, they’re both terrible.