This Hero Saved His BBQ Ribs From a House Fire

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What’s the first thing you would save from a house fire? Family? Pets? For one guy from Fresno, California, the answer was clear: his beloved ribs, man.

After making sure his kids were safe, Robert Wright grabbed his slab of meat from the kitchen, which he strangely had on to barbecue at 3am.

Not one to then call it a night after all that drama, the hero then managed to give this epic interview with KMPH FOX 26 News:

He said (we think): “I got my kids first and I thought about my ribs and like I didn’t want let my ribs burn and stuff cos I take pride in what I do man, it’s like 3 o clock in the morning.

“I was hungry man, I was like, man, put them ribs on there man some hot links and stuff man we got it going and stuff but I looked over the fire was bursting out man, I was like man this is crazy man, real crazy, let me get my kids up out this situation that’s all I know, you feel me.”

Not quite sure we do, Robert, but one thing’s for sure – you’re our new hero.