This Is The Best Sopranos Theory of All Time

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It’s been eight years since The Sopranos ended in a trail of glory and, well, annoyance. Most viewers went into a bit of a frenzy as they played around with their remote controls to figure out why their TV had suddenly stopped working right at the end of the final episode. Once the credits started rolling, we all knew that it was actually the ending David Chase and co had in mind for the show. Most people felt short-changed about the ending. How could we have no closure? What actually happened? Why was it so vague? Thankfully for you, we’ve found the best Sopranos theory of all time.

Explaining The Sopranos Finale

Testament to the fact that the ending was so divisive and impactful, Sopranos fans are still talking about it to this day. Recently, I was searching through some Sopranos fan videos and came across the one below made by a Youtube user called DocMatt that wonderfully explains the symbolism of the final episode. Have a watch through below.

The Actual Best Sopranos Theory of All Time

The best Sopranos theory of all time

Now, while I thought the explanation was good, I still wasn’t fully satisfied. So I scrolled down to the comments to have a read. Obviously Youtube comments generally have the reputation of being various kinds of crap, but I stumbled upon a gem of a theory by another user called Matthew Altomare. I’ve quoted him in full below, without editing it.

“Still till this day, I believe it was the viewer who got whacked. The last frame is a close up of Tony’s face from the viewer’s perspective. The viewer never saw it coming; instant darkness or death from the Sopranos fantasy world. The Sopranos world will continue to exist, but the viewer will never see it. The viewer was witness to all events, with or without Tony, over the entire series. If Tony died, then the viewer would have been privy to this event. I honestly think there is more than what is laid out here. However, I believe that this is exactly what Chaseolino intended.”

Wow. It suddenly makes so much sense to me. But what do you guys think? Let us know on Facebook.

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