This Man’s Reaction To Beating The Hardest Mario Level Is Amazing

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We’ve all been there. Whether your game of choice is Monopoly, Halo or Angry Birds, that feeling of sweet, sweet relief as you clear a level is glorious. It might have taken you three months to complete, but that feeling of finally having completed a mission is something you’ll savour until your last breath.

OK, that bit be a bit OTT. But we’re beting that’s how this guy is feeling – well, if this viral video is anything to go by.

Watch this guy beat the hardest Super Mario Maker level

The video, uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, records the gameplay of one mega Mario fan. And the video captures the awesome audio of the Japanese player as he realises he’s completed one of the hardest Super Mario Maker levels ever, the ‘Pit of Panga: P-Break’. (Watch from 1:00 for his epic reaction.) It features in the new Super Mario Maker game for the WiiU which allows people to create their own levels. To give you an idea of just how difficult it is, only six people (out of 467,326 who have attempted it) have actually managed to complete the level. What a badass.

Could you beat the hardest Super Mario Maker level ever?

While we don’t know exactly what he’s saying, we’re guessing he’s pretty chuffed. OK, chuffed might be a bit of an understatement. As he realises he’s survived the level, the guy screams “Yatta!” – “I did it!”

According to this thread on Reddit, his attention then turns elsewhere: namely to the subject of his hands. “My hands actually hurt,” he cries. Yeah, we dread to ask how long he was actually playing that game for…

After a few seconds of hyperventilating, the guy then sounds like he’s breaking down into tears. Something we know only too well (although they’re usually tears of frustration and anger. Damn our poor gaming abilities.)

Since being uploaded, the video has received over 600,00 views. Many people have already taken to the site to congratulate him on beating the hardest Super Mario Maker level known to man – and to register their disbelief that he actually managed to do it. Even the evil mastermind behind the level congratulated him. (Side note in case you’re in any doubt of how difficult the level is: it took the creator five hours to design…and then nine hours to beat.)

Even the level's creator took to YouTube to congratulate the gamer for completing the hardest Super Mario Maker level

So, next time you’re frustrated on a game, remember this dude. And don’t forget to yell “Yatta!” when you’re done.

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