This Picture Has Gone Viral – How Would You React?

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Modern air travel is such a beguiling thing, isn’t it? We can get to pretty much any country in the world in less than a day.  It used to take three years in a boat, with a team of sailors, and enough lemons to keep the scurvy at bay. And while we’ve come on leaps and bounds, there is still a lot of things that annoy us. Yep, you guessed it. Other people.

You know what we mean. Whenever you’re in cattle class you’re forced to be in such close proximity to others that their annoying habits start to really grate on you. We’ve been annoyed by loud chewers, low talkers and every one else in between.

These Feet Have Gone Viral

these feet have gone viral

So you’ve gotta feel for this passenger – who is only known as ‘Wu’ – who had to contend with a fellow passenger’s bare feet on her arm rest for nearly three hours. Yep, you read that correctly.


The incident happened on an Air Asia flight from Shanghai to Xi’an and yep, it’s annoyed us so much. The bare-footed passenger, who was sat BEHIND their victim, wrapped their crusty feet around and proceeded to commit what was tantamount to an act of war on Wu. But, wishing not to get into an argument, Wu just told the the flight attendant discreetly to no avail.

Annoyed, and in search for release, Wu took to Chinese social media site Weibo to share her annoyance with her friends. But, unexpectedly, the picture went viral and started to cause wide debate on the topic. Many questioned why Wu didn’t confront the maniac behind her, but she reiterated her desire not to start a fight. But she has to be commended for her composure, because I would’ve gone fucking mental. Wouldn’t have you??