This Picture of a Seal Surfing on a Whale is Going Viral

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We’ve had a weasel riding a woodpecker, and a seagull photobombing the Red Arrows, but this latest animal shot is all kinds of crazy.

This adventurous seal was spotted surfing off the coast of Eden, Australia. Nothing completely untoward about that, but just wait until you see just what he’s using as a surf board.

This awesome picture of a seal surfing on a whale was captured in Australia
Credit: Robyn Malcolm/

Yep, that’s a whale he’s riding. (Probably not the best way to phrase that.)

The epic picture was taken by photographer Robyn Malcolm who was in Twofold Bay to snap photos of the nearby whales. Accusations that the photo is the subject of a spot of Photoshop are already flying around, but Robyn insists the seal surfing on a whale is the real deal.

Now, we’re beginning to notice a bit of a trend around here of animals catching rides from other animals – could this be some kind of Animal Uber company that we don’t know about?

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