This Shepherd’s Pie Recipe Sung By A Metal Vocalist Is All Kinds Of Amazing

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There’s nothing wrong with a bit of Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver on TV. But sometimes we feel like there’s something missing from their cooking demonstrations. Like the odd death growl. A meaty throat vocal here and there. If we’re honest, that’s what would make their shows a solid 10/10.

Enter Linzey Rae, a vocalist for Denver-based metal band The Anchor.  The band’s front-woman has uploaded a shepherd’s pie recipe demonstration like no other. In fact, she’s probably our new favourite chef. Of all time. Bold claim, but let’s see the evidence:

You’ve never seen a shepherd’s pie recipe like this…

Even if you’re not a fan of metal, you can’t deny the genius behind this concept. In the three-minute video, Linzey shows us how to rustle up a shepherd’s pie. All you need is an oven, some vegetables, mash potato and a slither of meat. And your best throat scream.

It’s not just a handy recipe you’ll want to have for emergency meals and family get-togethers. The video also has some pretty hilarious moments. Our personal favourite is Linzey’s declaration of her love of parmesan as she smothers it all over her newly created dish.

Fancy trying a new shepherd's pie recipe?
Source: YouTube

What the…?

Yeah, OK. Metal singing and a shepherd’s pie recipe don’t necessarily sound like they belong together. Not even via a tenuous connection of long-lost step-cousins five times removed. But it’s still brilliant. And every dollar donated from the download of the song will go to American metalcore band The Ghost Inside. In November 2015 the band’s tour bus collided head-on with a tractor trailer outside El Paso, Texas. Sadly, drivers of both vehicles died, while the band was hospitalised in a critical condition. They’re now in a stable condition, but the band’s activities have been put on hiatus for the time-being.

So far, the shepherd’s pie recipe video has been incredibly well received. It’s been viewed over 570,000 times on Facebook, and has had almost 11,000 shares. Add that to the extra 300,000 views on YouTube, and it looks like Linzey has a viral hit on her hands!

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