This Slowed-Down Chipmunks Track Is Amazing

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When I was little, I used to absolutely love The Chipmunks. You remember the cartoon where an actual human man becomes the adopted father of three tiny and talented chipmunks, right? You know: Alvin, Simon, Theodore. Doo doo they’re The Chipmunks? Yeah, thinking about the premise for the cartoon, it does now seem quite weird. Well, we’ve just come across some slowed-down Chipmunks and we’re in love. Before that, though…

A Bit of Background

slowed-down chipmunks are awesome

Anyway, if you can recall, Alvin and The Chipmunks, to give the band their full name, were a musically gifted family. After their treehouse gets cut down they’re sent, along with their former home, to LA where they meet and then charm a songwriter named David Seville. He unexpectedly uncovers that the three brothers are actually rather good at singing. If you’re into that squeaky Justin Timberlake falsetto thing, that is. When David senses the opportunity for fame with The Chipmunks, he decides to make a pact with them whereby he’ll write the lyrics, if they perform them. Let me tell you, this led to all kinds of mischief.

The Chipmunks Branch Out

Aside from the TV show, The Chipmunks also crossed over to making films and some pretty damn awful music. For, example, take a listen to them covering Blondie’s Call me, below. Absolute trash, isn’t it? It sounds like a pre-pubescent Swedish boy has inhaled 100 tonnes of helium, got drunk on schnapps and gone to a karaoke bar.

Slowed-Down Chipmunks

The phrasing may not quite make sense immediately, but it refers to the fact that The Chipmunks music is given that trademark squeakiness because of high fast the vocals are. You can try it at home. Record yourself singing something and speed it up, you massive chipmunk. Somewhere in the depths of the internet, some unnamed, anonymous person had the bright idea of slowing down some of The Chipmunks’ tracks to figure out what they sounded like. About two days ago we were sent a slowed-down Chipmunks version of the very same Blondie song. And let us tell you: it’s ridiculously awesome. It’s awesome and a little bit terrifying. But mainly awesome. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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