This Water Pouring Optical Illusion Will Screw With Your Mind

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Dafuq is this all about? This mind-bending water pouring optical illusion will honestly screw your mind up. At first it looks like someone is just pouring out some water into a glass of ice. But then the pourer reaches for the glass and picks it up – and you’re in for a shock.

This is the best (and only) water pouring optical illusion we’ve ever seen

We’ve watched this video approximately 6,893 times already this morning, and we have more questions than we do answers. Is it some weird sleight of hand trick? An optical illusion? Some video-editing wizardry? Whichever it is, we don’t really care (although we suspect it’s answer C). It gave us a bit of a morning wake-up.

The seven-second video was uploaded to YouTube by a user called KUKR just two days ago. In that time, it’s already had over 160,000 views. The video comments themselves are worth a read also. While some people are quick to point out exactly how it’s done, others are completely in awe. We’re definitely with the latter group.

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