This Woman’s Facebook Rant Will Make You So Angry

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The world is a dark place isn’t it? But, usually, it’s pretty easy to avoid most of the – excuse my French – fucktards around. Especially when you’re quite high on all that 2016 new year, new you bull. Yet, it just takes one person to remind you that we live in a really fucked up time. Case in point is this inane Facebook rant from a New Year’s Eve reveller that’s gone viral. And for all the wrong reasons.

holly jones' facebook rant at kilroy's

The Facebook rant in question

It’s one of the most anger-inducing face-reddening stories of this young year. So make sure you’re absolutely ready to read this. Because you’re going to be so so so so mad. To the Nth degree. This is Defcon 5 levels of absurdity.

holly jones and the facebook rant

Yep. You’re reading that correctly. Holly Jones of Indiana, Indianapolis was so inconvenienced by someone ‘dying’ that she just had to go on the bar’s Facebook page to complain. The epic Facebook rant is obviously just a showcase of the worst possible side of human nature. I mean, why couldn’t the stupid woman just go ‘die’ somewhere else and not harsh everyone’s buzz on NYE? Seriously?

So, you’re probably wondering why I’ve alluded that the person who was removed from Kilroy’s didn’t die. Well, because she didn’t. By some sort of miracle! In fact, the woman in her 70s was removed from the bar by paramedics after suffering a major heart attack. It’s actually amazing she was able to be resuscitated. I don’t think Holly Jones’ Facebook rant would have been so vitriolic.

The bar strikes back

So after all that. After all that heart ache, the owner of Kilroy’s took to Facebook to send Holly a message of his own. Since then, Holly has deleted her Facebook profile citing that she was hacked by trolls. Yeah, sounds likely. Regardless, her original hate message made us so, so angry. But let me suggest that she shouldn’t have to bear the entire brunt of the internet’s wrath. She’s just an idiot who made a mistake on an assumption. You can rest assured she won’t be doing that again.

facebook rant and chris burton's reply

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