Find Out Why Every Girl Swiped Right To This Guy On Tinder

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Dating can be an absolute minefield. I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys doing it. Firstly, there’s the act of actually summoning up the courage to go and actually talk to someone you like the look of. Then you’ve got to worry about what to wear for all the ensuing dates. And don’t even get me started on texting etiquette.

Tinder success: What's the secret?

So, that being said, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to Tinder to meet new people. But that brings its own fresh set of challenges: what if I don’t match with anyone? What if I just get completely inundated with dick pics? Well, this guy has the answer. (To matching with people. Not avoiding dick pics.) He successfully matched with every single woman on Tinder over the course of two days. We’re talking over 300 matches. So, just what is his secret?

100% Tinder success? Is this guy the perfect man?

You’ve got to think that, right? If every single woman swiped right for him, he’s got to be the most amazing guy out there, surely. But, alas, there is a catch. Because, instead of creating a Tinder profile for himself, FoodBeast writer Sean Fahmy decided to take on the persona of a glass of red wine. Yep. We’re being serious.

Here’s his profile in full:

Posing as wine is one way to get Tinder success

“I just want to be inside you”? “Be gentle with my grapes though”? Oh man. Sounds like this guy had a whale of a time coming up with that bio. Fahmy decided to take the unusual approach to ‘dating’ after seeing that an anonymous girl posed as a cheeseburger called Parry on Tinder. He wanted to see just how girls would respond if they were being hit on by something like a glass of wine. But just how did women react to his gentle euphemisms?

Unsurprisingly, they all loved it. After all, he did get over 300 matches. While that’s pretty funny as it is, the best bit is the ensuing conversations with the ladies:

Posing as wine is one way to get Tinder success Posing as wine is one way to get Tinder success Posing as wine is one way to get Tinder success Posing as wine is one way to get Tinder success

There we go, folks. If you want Tinder success of your own, the answer is to just pretend you are wine. However, while most women weren’t wine-ing about all the double entrendres, others didn’t really lap them up:


Oh well. Wine, don’t you worry. We’ll take you just as you are.

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