Toddler Can’t Sleep – Parents Discover The Reason and It’s Terrifying!

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Let’s try something. Close your eyes. Think about the last time you had trouble sleeping. What caused it? Overthinking your life decisions? Too much caffeine? Weird creaking ‘house noises’? A voice speaking to you?

Right, for most people a bout of insomnia is usually caused by breaking their routine. Whether it’s going out and getting hammered or becoming so obsessed with a box set that you have to stay up to watch it.

That’s categorically not the case in this story, though. This is much more horrifying than you can even imagine.

Wake Up, Little Boy

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According to CBS News, a family from New York City have lived a real life horror film over the last few weeks as they uncovered the true reason for their three year old son’s insomnia. During the course of December the toddler was complaining to his parents that he couldn’t get to sleep because there was a voice that kept talking to him every time he closed his eyes. Like any parents, the family put his night terrors down to growing pains and tried to comfort him. That’s until they uncovered the real reason behind his inability to sleep.

During one of the evenings, his mum walked into the room and in one sudden stomach-churning moment she understood what he meant. She heard an adult male voice say, “Wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you.”

The voice continued, actually commenting on the mother’s presence by saying, “Look someone’s coming into view.”

The couple immediately questioned where the voice was coming from and soon found the culprit. The voice was coming out of their baby monitor. Their hearts sank. They also realised that the camera was being moved remotely with night-vision mode engaged. It made for a truly harrowing discovery.

Despite seeking anonymity, the parents have approached the press to warn about the dangers of baby monitors being hacked. If their three-year-old toddler was targeted, then anyone else can be. It’s a new type of sickening cyber crime that requires parents to be vigilant.

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