Top 10 Invisible Health Hazards in Your Home

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Most of the time we can assess danger by what we can see or smell, but in some cases, there are harmful substances present that we may not be aware of—until they start to impact our health. You may have a chronic sniffle or something worse, and the culprit may be an unwanted houseguest.

If your doctor can’t seem to find an outside trigger for your health woes, then it may be time to start looking inside, and in some cases, this means hiring a professional to monitor certain substances present in your home’s environment.

Whether It is a Mouldy Bathroom, Hidden leak under the sink or an old asbestos sheet in the roof these could be the cause of your health woes.

We have consulted the experts and listed The Top Ten hazards that are hidden from view that could be making you ill…


Carbon monoxide

More than 15,000 people in the US are hospitalized as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning every year. This odorless gas can seep into your home from gas heaters, faulty furnaces and even water heaters. Protect your family by purchasing an inexpensive carbon monoxide detector.



We all use pesticides to get rid of roaches, ants and other pests in and around the home. But excessive use really can be dangerous to your health. Watch out for symptoms including dizziness, pain or weakness in the muscles and nausea.

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