Ever Wondered How To Get a 5-Star Uber Passenger Rating?

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Most Uber passengers will be familiar with the rating procedures. Once you’ve taken an Uber ride, you’ll be asked to rate your journey. These scores are visible to everyone, so that they know the cab they’re getting into is legit. But did you know there’s also an Uber passenger rating? Unsurprisingly, this is where drivers rate each passenger – so if you think your subtle vomit in the back seat last Saturday won’t come back to haunt you, think again.

But how can we be sure that we, as passengers, obtain that sweet, sweet 5-star rating? Well, thanks to this image recently posted to Imgur, we’ll never have to wonder again.

The image shows an Uber driver’s guide to being a 5-star passenger rating – and also makes everyone fall in love with them thanks to all their accommodating features:

How to get a five-star Uber passenger rating? Here's how.
Credit: imgur.com/gallery/bX4zUiD

How to get a 5-star Uber passenger rating

While it may all be rather obvious advice, the Uber driver’s polite note is one that warms our hearts. This guy (or girl) is changing the world one Uber taxi ride at a time.

Providing a stellar customer service in return, the driver also offers a few little perks. Namely encouraging passengers to let them know if they would like the temperature adjusted. Or whether they want to charge their phone. Or whether they want to hook up their music to the stereo. I mean, that’s just inviting trouble. Have you even seen my terrible taste in music?

Even more adorably, the driver also says that conversation is optional, and completely up to each individual passenger. Ahh, if only more people would offer this service. Bet they would get quite a few generous tips at the end of the journey…

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