UK Burger Challenges We Bet You Can’t Complete

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We’ve all got that one friend who is constantly hungry. Maybe you’re that one friend. The kind of person who has to order 16 main meals just to sate their appetite. The kind of person who eyes up burgers with the greedy eyes of Hugh Hefner picking out his next victim at one of his legendary parties.

To the average human, the following UK burger challenges look simply  impossible. But the kind of people who take on these challenges aren’t normal. They’re superhumans, seemingly always there to finish up your leftovers, or the kind of person who is probably heading towards bankruptcy thanks to their weekly food shopping bill.

So, let us ask you: do you have what it takes to beat these burger challenges?

Totem Burger

Where? Custom House, Barnstaple

UK Burger Challenges: The owner of the Custom House poses with the epic Totem Burger

This six and a half pounds of heart-attack-on-a-plate isn’t for the faint-hearted. Made up of four burgers, the totem burger also includes bacon and two types of cheese. Oh, and a toasted cheese sandwich in the middle for good luck.

If you make it through that, you’re almost there. You just need to get through the huge pile of chilli cheese fries…

Finish it all and you’ll get your photo on the restaurant’s Wall of Fame. Finish it in under half an hour and you get the whole meal free. Finish it in under 20 minutes and you get a free trip to hospital.

Fallout Challenge

Where? Atomic Burger, Bristol

UK Burger Challenges: The Fallout burger looks to bring the world to an end. Or, at least, your life.
Credit: Caters News Agency

Looks harmless enough, right? Wrong. If the triple 6oz beef, chicken or veggie burger doesn’t get to you first (with triple American cheese, onion rings and chilli fries), the sauce will. While it contains a variety of different chillies, it’s the Ghost Chilli which is to be feared. It weighs in at 4.2 million Scoville units, which is approx 1,050 times hotter than the hottest jalapeño pepper. And it’s so powerful, diners have to eat the burger while wearing protective gloves.

The Sky Scraper

Where? Big n Beefy in Rhyl

UK burger challenges: Woah, Nelly. We kind of want to tuck in...but we also fear for our lives

Big n Beefy’s Sky Scraper has got to make our list of UK burger challenges. Resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa, this towering beast includes three 8oz burgers, plus three slices of bacon, onion rings, cheese, mushrooms, lettuce and tomatoes. There’s no time limit, but there’s also no prize once you’ve completed it. You’ll just have to take a photo of the burger next to your face (for scale) to thrust in the face of every new person you meet.

Urbanburger Challenge

Where? Urbanburger, Exeter

UK burger challenges: Seven 6oz burgers?! Nope, next.

All that stands between you and an urbanburger t-shirt is seven 6oz burgers, 14 pieces of bacon, seven slices of American cheese and two portions of double fried fries. Oh, and just 20 minutes to complete it in.

Don’t worry, you also get a little bit of salad too, so you’ll be getting at LEAST one of your five a day.


Where? Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton/Clapham

UK burger challenges: beef, bacon, cheese AND pulled pork at the Red Dog Saloon

Over 3,000 calories of pure meaty goodness make up the burger challenge at Red Dog Saloon. Sandwiched between the bun includes: three 6oz burgers, six rashers of bacon, six slices of American cheese, and 200g of pulled pork for good measure. Ah, and you have to down it, and the accompanying chips, in just 10 minutes. Good luck with that one…

Ultimate Burger Challenge

Where? City Cafe, Edinburgh

UK Burger Challenges: Seven burgers and a heap of toppings at this Edinburgh cafe

For our final entry on our list of UK burger challenges we head up to Scotland. The Ultimate Burger Challenge includes seven burgers (made up of beed, chicken and spicy beans) within an extra-large bun, plus a side of chips and coleslaw. Whoa Nelly…

Good job it’s completely free, eh? Well, as long as you eat up every last meaty nugget.

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