Are You Fooled By These Undercover Celebrities?

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It must be tough for celebrities being in the public eye all the time. Being watched from every angle…living in fear of being snapped in unflattering situations… They can’t even enjoy a cheeky Nando’s without it ending up in the next morning’s papers. Jeez. I can’t even bear to think about it.

Given this pressure, it’s no surprise that they need a little light relief once in a while. It seems like more and more celebs are choosing to be someone else for the day, and some of the results are comedy gold. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some undercover celebrities at their best.

Arnie as a Terminator waxwork model

“He looks real,” says one inquisitive onlooker. “That’s because I AAAAAMM,” booms Arnie, to the horror/delight of fans. The best reaction can be seen at 1.58 when an adorable older lady can do nothing but whimper at real-life Arnie’s sudden reveal.

Jared Leto as a baboon at Comicon

A convincing Joker outfit from this avid fan. Not quite as good as the actual actor who plays him though, who stood by his side and posed for a photograph, unbeknownst to his clueless new friend.

…..And Mark Ruffalo as, err, something else

Yeah, cool.

Undercover celebrities: Mark Ruffalo dressed up as...something?

Leo in a mask eating pizza

I don’t know how Leo managed to acquire this mask, complete with pizza-eating capabilities, but it just makes me love him even more. He’s a man who understands that true undercover celebrities need easy Margherita access. None of this lifting up the bottom of the mask business, no no. A person should be able to be stay under the radar and enjoy pizza at the same time. I wonder if they’re made to measure…

Undercover celebrities rule number 1: must have easy pizza access

Channing Tatum interviewing people about his own film. And then twerking on them.

Channing: “Which would you say was the best actor out of all of them?”

Lady: “Matthew Mcconaughey.”

Channing: “Okay. Okay.”


Channing teamed up with charity fundraising platform, Omaze, and went undercover as ‘Scott from the studio’ at a screening of Magic Mike XXL. The results really were magic. If only all marketing stunts were like this….

Justin Bieber in a gas mask

This is awkward, but we can see you, Justin. You’re right there. Literally no one is confused by this disguise.

I think it's fair to see that some undercover celebrities are more convincing than others

And finally, Chris Pratt. As himself.

Okay so he’s TECHNICALLY not undercover, but it seems like Chris is using the best disguise of all. The disguise of no disguise. When New Yorkers were asked ‘Who is this?’ for a recent Billy on the Street skit, replies included, “I have no idea,” “f*** off I don’t know,” “Chris Evans,” and “I like your wife.”

We know who you are Chris, and that’s all that matters.

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