This Tale of Unlikely Animal Friendship Will Make Your Day

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If you’ve watched any David Attenborough nature programme, you’ll be well versed in the brutality of nature. Rabbits eat grass. Foxes eat rabbits. Lynx eat foxes – and your mum will inevitably want to turn the TV off and put something a bit nicer on. Like Glee. It’s harsh, but that’s life. (Animal brutality; not people who watch Glee).

Anyway. This tale of unlikely animal friendship really goes against the grain – and warms the very cockles of our hearts.

A Tale of Unlikely Animal Friendship

When a goat was left inside a tiger’s enclosure at the Far Eastern Safari Park in Russia, it was intended that it, like all the other goats before it, would quickly become a spot of lunch for the carnivorous giant cat. But what happened next shocked everyone at the park. Instead of jumping on his prey, Amur the tiger decided to befriend the goat. And now, the pair are the best of friends.

Here’s a video of the pair released by the Park:

One of the keepers from the park in Shkotovsky told The Siberian Times:

“Our tigers get live prey twice every week, and Amur knows very well how to hunt goats and rabbits.”

But when the goat entered the tiger’s enclosure, things didn’t exactly go as planned. The keeper explained:

“The goat showed no inkling of fear, eyeballed the tiger, and took over his shelter.”

Yep. Not content with just casually saving his own life, the goat – named ‘Timur’ by staff, meaning ‘iron’, after his bravery – kicked the tiger out of his shelter. The tiger now sleeps on the roof, while the goat keeps cosy below. Smart move, Timur.

A tale of unlikely animal friendship
Credit: A. Fedoseev, The Siberian Times

Adorable footage released by the park also shows the goat following the tiger around the enclosure, trotting to keep up when needed. So there you go: Timur and Amur. Expect a Disney movie in the works soon.

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