4 Video Game Fan Theories Just Crazy Enough To Be True

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Sometimes video games don’t make sense. The truth is that game designers have to do what’s right for the game first. And “making sense”? Well, that just comes second. But we’ll always thirst for explanations to the unexplained, which may explain these video game fan theories:

Fox McCloud is a highly evolved Pokemon

Video game fan theories: is Fox McCloud just a highly evolved pokemon?
Credit: z-or-r-twice.tumblr.com

Here’s the thing about Nintendo characters: They all seem to come from the same world, right? Seeing as they all appear in the Smash Bros. series and they tend to have cameos in one another’s games. And yet, there are certain things that just don’t quite work out. If animals who can speak and walk upright are no big deal in Star Fox, then how come anyone bothers to collect unique animals in Pokemon? This is a world where New York plumbers regularly have go-kart races with necktie-wearing gorillas.

Well, one theory has it that we’re looking at various stages of an evolutionary timeline. The world of Earthbound would be something like the modern day, featuring an alien invasion that imbues animals with supernatural properties. Pokemon then is the near future, when these supernatural properties have bloomed into superpowers. Then over time, these creatures would evolve into the human-like animals we see in Star Fox.

Okay, now how does the Zelda timeline fit into all of this?

There is no Zelda timeline

Video game fan theories just crazy enough to be true: Zelda
Credit: zelda.wikia.com

Nintendo has always been a little ambiguous about the Zelda timeline. Supposedly, the various versions of Link, Ganon and the Princess we see are all reincarnations over several hundred years, taking place in different parts of Hyrule. But what if there’s only one Zelda story? And the reason each game has such a different take on it is simply because it’s become something like a fairytale; folklore being passed down by the people of Hyrule, each putting their own spin on it. The official story from Nintendo has something to do with a timeline, but it’s never quite made as much sense as the folk story theory.

Explaining Minecraft’s bizarre astronomy

Video game fan theories just crazy enough to be true
Credit: metalarcade.net

Two really weird things about the world of Minecraft:

  • The moon is always at the opposite end of the sky from the sun. This isn’t possible with what we know about astronomy.
  • The stars never change position, meaning that your planet isn’t actually rotating.

One of the video game fan theories has it that you actually live on the Minecraft solar system’s sun. That’s nuts, right? But hear us out: Supposedly, the sun burned out, becoming solid rock. Dig deep enough and you’ll find this black bedrock lying underneath the terraformed surface. When the sun burned out, everyone got in a spaceship, lit their home planet on fire to serve as the new sun, and began building on the burnt out sun that would be their new Earth, at the centre of the solar system.

Polybius is real

Video game fan theories just crazy enough to be true
Credit: youtube.com

Polybius is the rumoured arcade game that would give players seizures through some kind of brainwashing routine. The game is usually described as a Tempest-style shooter made by some German developer. Well, there was an arcade cabinet called Poly Play, made by some German developer. Poly Play featured a Pac-Man clone, a racing game, and a half dozen other games. Combine this with the fact that Tempest actually did give some player seizures, and there you have the ingredients for an urban legend.


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