Video Technology In Football – Do We Really Need It?

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Football is a pretty maddening sport at times, isn’t it? All week you’re looking forward to watching your team, and in the blink of an eye something goes against you and you lose your mind. Every match day begins in the same way: you get your mates round (yeah right, cheeky little illegal streamers) or you get ready to make your way to the stadium and you’re full of beans. The match is going well, you go one-nil up right before half-time and cheeky Bovril o’clock. The second half restarts, and oh god, did Diego Costa just jack-knife powerbomb someone? He bloody did, didn’t he! Ref! Referee! You utter mug! Take a look at Costa! Ref!

For the rest of the day you’re talking to your mates about what a bad decision the ref’s made. How has he not even seen that? Hazard even got a table out and Costa’s put your best player through it. Heck, even Mourinho saw that one. Dirty bastards. And then it clicks. You’ve got the perfect solution: we’ve got to use video technology! It’s the only way. Or is it?

video technology in football - how do you feel about it?

The Argument For Video Technology In Football

We’ve summed up the argument(s) for video technology in football below. What do you lot reckon?

  • If video technology doesn’t get introduced then it means cheating becomes a bigger part of the game. The FA did a good job to correct the mistakes of the ref from the Chelsea v Arsenal game, but it was too little, too late for most Gooners. The swines.
  • More than that, though, is the fact that football is such a high-pressure multi-billion-pound industry, and a simple bad decision can have ramifications beyond just the one match. If Chelsea had gotten one of those penalties in that infamous game against Barcelona, it may have changed the fortunes of the club and the manager forever.
  • And that’s basically it. The fact that there are so many incidents. Even this season we’ve seen Man City concede two offside goals at the hands/feet/spuds of Tottenham. Every weekend there are a handful of decisions that should be dealt with during play. It’s just not right.
  • More than that, the technology is there. We’ve got goal-line technology, and vanishing spray, so how hard can it be to implement? Sure the game might be slowed down fractionally, but doesn’t everyone benefit?
  • But the best thing about it is that there would be far fewer idiot pundits. No. More. Michael. Owen. Please.

video technology in football - is it needed?

The Argument Against Video Technology In Football

So that was pretty convincing but what about the argument against video technology in football?

  • Something that was touched on just there was the fact that it will change the way football is played. There would be far more stoppages in games where video technology was needed. That means a much slower pace and a really stop start pace. Have you ever tried watching the Superbowl? It’s always a bloody advert break! It would be infuriating.
  • Beyond that, surely refs aren’t statistically getting that many decisions wrong. Every now and again it’s blown out of proportion but for the most part they’re agents for positivity in games. They help games flow, and understand the minutiae of human interaction.
  • It’s also a part of tradition. Where do the changes stop to the game? Does it really improve everything? But even more importantly is the fact that there would still be grey areas. A lot of football is down to interpretation. How long would a stoppage be? What about if the ref still gets it wrong using video technology? We’ve all seen incidents that are peripheral. It’s not so black and white is it?
  • Also, what would we have to talk about after the game? We love a bit of controversy…don’t we?

So what do you guys think? Let us know your opinions below or on Facebook.

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