Watch This Baby’s Reaction To Trying Bacon For The First Time

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Everyone remembers where they were when they tried bacon for the first time. Well, at least, I do. I was in my grandparent’s kitchen, dressed in my Barbie pyjamas (I was 7, don’t judge). Not only that, I was convinced that there was no way that bacon was as magical and life-changing as everyone was telling me. Oh, how I was so, so wrong.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a visual reminder of the moment their life changed for ever. Unlike this baby, whose parents recorded his reaction to trying bacon for the first time ever – and we’ve never seen a video that sums up just how spellbinding bacon really is.

Watch this baby try bacon for the first time

It takes a few seconds for the bacon effect to kick in. And then it hits him. “So this is what everyone’s been going on about!” In between happy gasps, contented ‘mmms’ and cries of “BACON!” (or “BAAAGAA!” as it sounds more like), we see one happy baby. One child who, on Christmas morning, discovered the real morning of life: crispy, meaty goodness.

The video speaks to us on so many levels: not only does it remind us of our first, sweet, blissful experience of bacon, but it also pretty much sums up our faces on Christmas day as we stuffed our faces with Twiglets and turkey.

Remember where you were when you had bacon for the first time?
Credit: Facebook/Melissa Beach

Since being uploaded to Facebook on Christmas Day, the video has already been viewed over 4 million times. It’s also notched up an impressive 35,000+ likes. Becoming an internet sensation on Christmas day and having your first taste of bacon goodness? Sounds like a pretty good morning to us.

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