Watch This Inventor Fly His Homemade Drone Helicopter

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Could this be the helicopter of the future? We’re going with no, but stranger things have been known to happen.

A wacky inventor, known as The Swarm Man, has uploaded a video to YouTube of his brand new flying device with the catchy name of ‘manned aerial vehicle multirotor super drone.’ The good news? You can even make one yourself – granted you’ve got a garden chair, a parasol and, uh, 54 drones lying around.

Although the homemade helicopter, which cost around £6,000 to build, never gets more than around 15 feet off the floor in the test flight video, it hasn’t stopped commentators comparing the ambitious inventor to the Wright brothers, who are, of course, credited with building the world’s first successful airplane.

So, is The Swarm Man just a crazy guy with too much time on his hands, or an innovative and resourceful genius? We’ll leave that one up to you to decide…