Weird Apps That Actually Exist

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Whether you’re looking for a stranger to cuddle with at a moment’s notice, have a world-record bowel movement you want to share or simply want the ability to add cats to everything, there’s an app for that. Each of these oddball apps is not only real, but available in the ITunes or GooglePlay store at the time of publication. Some of them are so ambitious they appear in both locations, just in case you want to buy them twice and play on more than one type of device.

Weird Apps That Actually Exist



Originally called Cuddlr, this app claims to be all about the cuddle – it’s a social meetup application that allows users to find others (read strangers) up for a good cuddle. While hugging seems to be all that is promised, the app is listed as for 17 and older – and as having some mature content in the Apple store. Find it here.