Weird Phobias You’re Actually Scared of Getting

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If it exists, someone somewhere is afraid of it. Just about anything can trigger a phobia, and they can get awfully specific. Below are a few weird phobias that you might fear getting:

Porphyrophobia (The Colour Purple)

Weird phobias: Does this picture of Barney freak you out?

Grape juice, crayons, Barney the Dinosaur, you name it; if it’s purple, porphyrophobes can’t deal with it. Seeing the colour or something associated with it creates stress, hormonal imbalances, and intense feelings of fear and vulnerability. The hues necessary to trigger these responses vary from porphyrophobe to porphyrophobe.

Arachibutyrophobia (Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of the Mouth)

Weird phobias: We think peanut butter is delicious, but others don't agree with us...

For most of us, this situation is mildly annoying, but for arachibutyrophobes, it’s downright frightening. The sight of a jar of Sun-Pat or a freshly made PB&J sandwich might make leave the room in a cold sweat.

Heliophobia (Sunlight)

Weird phobias: A phobia of sunlight is one shared with the likes of Edward Cullen

While they may not be vampires, heliophobes don’t get along with sunlight. They may fear being seen in daylight, that the sun may somehow attack them, or skin damage from UV rays.

Pteronophobia (Being Tickled with a Feather)

Weird phobias, including being tickled with a feather

For pteronophobes, it’s all fun and games until someone takes out a feather. That’s because they’re afraid of being tickled by it. If you’d rather take a fist to the face than a feather to the foot, you might be pteronophobic.

Pogonophobia (Beards)

Weird phobias: wispy, wirey beards may give you the shivers

Pogonophobes feel threatened at the sight of a glorious mane. Upon further reflection, who wouldn’t? A damn good beard is a damn good beard.

Papaphobia (The Pope)

Weird phobias: C'mon, the pope is harmless, isn't he...?

This can apply to the pope or to the papacy in general. It may manifest following trauma related to the pope, or out of a more general fear of things perceived as holy or saintly. It may also stem from a fear of authority figures.

Hellenologophobia (Greek or Scientific Terms)

Weird phobias: Some may sound crazy, but they're perfectly legit

Mention the Pythagroean Theorem and you might spook your neighbourhood hellenologophobe. Perhaps they had a bad experience in school or an ex who wouldn’t stop talking about the Endoplasmic reticulum.

Levophobia (Things to the Left)

Weird phobias: Scared of things to the left.

If the guy in Beyoncé’s hit song had this, he probably never packed his stuff. If you drive behind a levophobe on a two-way street, expect delays. Someone who fears things to their right is called a dextrophobe.

Peladophobia (Bald People)

Weird phobias: Bald heads
Peladophobia – not a phobia for Right Said Fred fans to have

Be it the shape, smoothness, or luster, peladophobes dread the sight of a cleanly shaven dome. There’s no doubt a disturbing childhood trauma behind this one.


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