The Weirdest Things That Have Happened During Sports Games

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Ahh live television, isn’t it wonderful. There’s nothing quite like being able to cheer and jeer along to sports in real time. But even more wonderfully, it allows us to witness the most bizarre and spontaneous of events. Whilst the producers flap around their news stations in a flurry of panic and nervousness, we viewers can sit back and enjoy the anticipation of not knowing what the hell could happen next. And we love it.

Here are just some of the strange things that have happened in the illustrious history of weird sports moments.

Man falls on pitch during Argentinian football match

Fans were left with mouths agape during this match when a man appeared to fall from the sky. It later turned out that it was a fan that had climbed on the railings to jeer at opponents. Miraculously, he didn’t sustain any serious injuries. Talk about karma, eh?

David Beckham catches a tennis ball

Second on our list of weird sports moments is this epic video. It turns out that Beckham’s ball expertise extends into other areas too.

Medics drop a player at an African Champion’s League game

They had one job.

Tim Sherwood disappearing like magic

WHAT THE. Literally no one knows how Tim managed to disappear into thin air….

Weird sports moments: Where the hell did Tim Sherwood go?!

Player takes out a streaker at cricket match

“You can’t take your eye off a single ball.”

Streakers are aplenty in the sporting world, but Andrew ‘Roy’ Symonds took things to a whole new level by tackling one to the ground in this game against India. Skip to 37 seconds to see the action close-up in its full glory.

Footballer headbutts the bench and gets a red card

Our weird sports moments continue with this Italian amateur league match. Just when we thought we’d seen the most bizarre goal celebrations possible, this came along.

Something that may or may not be bird poo lands in Ashley Young’s mouth

During Man U’s opening Premier League game of the season, something white and liquid-like shot into Ashley’s mouth. Everyone was confused. Theories included that it may have been an enthusiastic fan’s globule of saliva that fortuitously became caught in a large gust of wind. People settled on the theory of the substance being of that belonging to a bird that may have swooped across the pitch at the perfect moment. Ashley was rather disgruntled by the footage and continues to deny the whole thing ever happened.

Sol Cambell’s never-ending slide tackle

Fans were astounded when this slide seemed to go on forever and ever. And ever. In a perfect balance of angle, friction and silky shorts, he slid across the ground in the most majestic of manners.

Weird sports moments: Sol Campbell's never-ending slide makes our list

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