Woman Finds The Weirdest Thing Inside An Egg

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Picture the scene: it’s morning. You’ve just woken up. Your eyes are barely open. You get in the bathroom, and go through your morning ritual. Whilst your hair is still wet you make your way downstairs and into the kitchen. You open the fridge and just stare at the abyss for a good few moments before snapping out of it.

Weirdest Thing Ever Found Inside An Egg?

What are you going to make for breakfast today? Surely it’s not Alpen again. And toast is your carbalicious enemy. But then you remember you just bought some eggs. So you raid the fridge and find the packet. When you open it you notice something weird. Wh…what the flipping hell is that? You inspect it more closely, but you still don’t understand because whatever that is, it’s not meant to be there.

What. The. Hell. Is. That? weird things found inside an egg
The eggs from Aldi…But. What. The. Hell. Is. That?

You call your other half over and ask them to take a look. Any idea what that is? Some snot? No…What could it be. You rack your brains and then it comes to you. It has to be a tentacle. Surely. It’s the best answer. Not the most logical answer. But an answer.

weird things inside an egg

So you take a picture and send it to your friends. Take a look at this egg that has a tentacle piercing through the shell! Then it hits you: should you crack it open? Do you have the cojones?

jimmy fallon egg weird things inside an egg

This was the dilemma faced by Lavern Dooley, 54, from Yorkshire. Her box of eggs from Aldi, a snip at just 80p, would come back to haunt her. She told the MailOnline: ‘I felt physically sick. I thought a chick was going to pop out.’ Thankfully it didn’t. Although no one actually knows what the hell it was. One thing’s for sure: it definitely put her off her breakfast.

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