What Can The Average Person Do in 9 Minutes?

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Ahhh, Robert Lewandowski. If you hadn’t heard of him before this week (what the hell), then you definitely have now. The Bayern Munich striker managed to pop five goals into the back of the net during a game against Wolfsburg. Oh, and did we mention he scored all five goals in just nine minutes? Yep, five goals in nine minutes. Well, eight minutes 59 seconds to be exact, but who’s counting?

Five goals in nine minutes? Yeah, whatever. I can so do that too.
Yeah, alright, you massive show-off.

Now, for a professional footballer, this feat is pretty difficult. But for the average person, this is bloody impossible. I mean, I probably couldn’t even score one goal in nine decades, let alone nine minutes. I guess that’s why Lewandowski has a market value of at least £35million and I don’t. Oh well. Looks like I’ll just have to spend my nine minutes doing one of the following:

  • Watch 1/6th of an episode of Game of Thrones.

  • Travel from Liverpool Street to Holborn on the tube.

  • Make 1.5 perfect cups of tea.

  • Listen to one whole play of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

  • Travel 1/6th of the way from Glasgow to Edinburgh on the train.

  • Bake a third of a cake.

  • Download iOS 9.0.1.

  • See the awesome video of the Kenan and Kel Reunion

  • Watch 1/25th of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

  • Run a mile.

  • …or just talk yourself out of going to the gym 68 times.

  • Have sex. Probably three times.

  • Watch this guy eat 108 hamburgers.

  • Try and replicate that guy eating 108 hamburgers. Give up after eating 5.

  • Jump from a plane and land safely on the ground.

  • Travel 1/480th of the way to the Moon.

  • Make 4.5 bowls of Quaker Oat So Simple porridge.

  • Watch the ‘Whip Mayonnaise’ video 21.6 times.

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