What Do Your Early ’00s Teen Crushes Look Like Now?

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The early ’00s was the prime time for crushes. Forget today’s collection of z-list quiff-bearers. Back in the early days of the 2000s we had an army of good-looking stars in teen rom-coms and TV shows. When we were having a chat about our ’00s teen crushes earlier this week, we realised that a lot of them had seemingly faded into obscurity, while others are still very much in the public eye. So we decided: let’s have a look at what our ’00s teen crushes are up to now. And, naturally, we’d have to take a peek at what they look like now, too.

Freddie Prinze Jr

00s teen crushes: Freddie's still a dish.
Credit: opishposh.com

Around the turn of the Millennium, Freddie Prinze Jr, aka Mr Michelle Gellar, was turning heads with his boyish looks and winning smile. In Down To You, Head Over Heels and Boys and Girls, Freddie was the films’ love interest (as well as ours). And then he went and dyed his hair blonde in Scooby Doo and it was all down-hill from there. Luckily, he’s had more success in recent years, starring in TV shows including Bones and 24. And he still has those winning dimples.