We Still Don’t Understand What Happened on LOST

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LOST premiered in September of 2004, with a big bang – literally. Viewers were quickly hooked as the survivors scrambled to understand where they were, who they were with and that help was not on the way. The show ran for 6 seasons, and while many of the questions posed in the first few seasons did get definitive answers, some did not. Here are a few unexplained (or under explained) lingering issues almost a decade after the series premiered:

5 Things We Still Don’t Understand: What Happened on LOST?

Who was in that creepy cabin?

what happened on lost

Ben describes this rickety structure as “Jacob’s Cabin”, but the Smoke Monster/Man in Black/Christian Shephard was hanging out there as well. Jacob was actually spotted living in the foot of that creepy statue – so whose cabin was it? What happened when Hurley disturbed the magic line of sand (and what was that line there for anyway, since pretty much every one of these manifestations had been seen elsewhere on the island?). Also, why are rocking chairs so creepy?