Former Heart-Throb Johnny Depp is Looking Horrific

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Attending The Danish Girl premiere with new wife Amber Heard earlier this week, Johnny Depp once again drew gasps from the waiting crowds – but this time it was for a completely different reason than usual.

With his bloated features, shiny face, stained teeth and greasy hair flopping all over his face, Depp looked a far-cry from his normal heart-throb status, the kind that’s kept both men and women enamoured for over 30 years.

Next to his gorgeous wife, Depp looked like a creepy older uncle who had just won the marriage lottery, which is something I thought I’d never say. These shocking images from the premiere have got us all wondering: just what has happened to Johnny Depp?

In the space of a year, Johnny has descended from suave gentleman to a bloated mess. Don’t believe me? See the evidence for yourself. The left picture was taken at the Transcendence premiere in April 2014; the right, just a few days ago at The Danish Girl premiere.

Johnny Depp's physical appearance has altered drastically over the last year

Gone are the days when the very presence of Johnny Depp would send fans into a flurry of hysterics. His haggard looks and extra paunch are more likely to send fans running over to Chris Pratt faster than you can say “mid-life crisis”. Just when we thought Depp was going to do a Robert Downy Jnr and grow even finer with age, he did an about U-turn and ending up doing a Mickey Rourke…just, without all the disfiguring plastic surgery. We hope.

Johnny Depp's appearance has drawn unfavourable comparisons with stars such as Fat Elvis

All this has got us thinking: are the heart-throb days of Johnny Depp over?

For all intents and purposes the last year has been a pretty challenging one for our favourite jaunty-bearded Hollywood actor. Once a big cinema draw in blockbusters who starred in big hits such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleepy Hollow and Sweeney Todd, it’s been reported that Depp is fast becoming one of the most overpaid actors in Hollywood.

His last four films, including Mortdecai, The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows and Transcendence, were certified box office flops, leading to speculation that Depp’s had to halve his fees for future movies. Maybe he’s feeling the pinch like the rest of us and had to resort to picking up a few Greggs pies instead of his usual Michelin-star restaurant meals? We feel your pain, Johnny.

Then, of course, there’s the news that his wife might be facing up to 10 years in jail for producing a false document and illegally smuggling her terrier dogs into Australia. The case has recently been adjourned until 2 November which, of course, adds another few months of stress and anxiety that the couple don’t need in their first seven months of marriage.

It’s not the first time the couple have hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It seems like ever since they married earlier this year their relationship has been dogged by rumours that their union is already on the rocks. Before their loved-up appearance at The Danish Girl premiere, the couple hadn’t been seen in public together since February.

As much as things are looking a bit bleak for Depp, we really hope he’ll get back to his old ways soon. As things stand, he’s already receiving Oscar buzz around his yet-to-be-released film Black Mass, which will surely get his career back on track. Then there’s the eagerly-awaited new Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice Through the Looking Glass films, both scheduled for release in the next few years.

Come back, Johnny of yesteryear – we miss you.



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