What Really Goes On In The Playboy Mansion?

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Playboy recently pulled its most shocking move yet – and it may not be what you’re expecting. The magazine announced that it will stop publishing photos of nude women, starting from its March 2016 issue. Surprised? Pleased? About to pass out with anger? It feels like people on Twitter have just about every emotion going.

So, just what has prompted this massive U-turn? Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders told the Times that they’re putting the blame on the rise of online porn, which means that it’s all just become ‘passé’. Porn becoming passé? Never thought we’d hear that.

So with this renewed interest in the Playboy brand, it has got us thinking. What is it about Playboy that has helped the brand last over 60 years? And what really goes on in the Playboy mansion?

It all sounds a little bit depressing, really.

What really goes on in the playboy mansion according to Holly Madison

Sorry to burst any fantasy bubbles.

Rather than being a whole week of sexual activity and celeb parties, the Playboy mansion follows a strict schedule. According to former playmate Holly Madison, Monday was ‘manly night’ where Hef’s guy friends came over for dinner and a movie. On Tuesday nights Hef’s wife and two sons pop by. Wednesday and Friday night is when Hef and the girls all hit the clubs. And Saturday and Sunday evenings basically involve a dinner and a movie (Hef apparently loves old movies from the ’50s). Oh, and as for Thursday? Everyone has a day off then – but the girls all have to be home by 9pm.