What The Guys From One Direction Think of Zayn Malik’s Recent Behaviour

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Credit: Fiona McKinlay/Wikipedia
Credit: Fiona McKinlay/Wikipedia

In boy bands, it’s all about image. After all, no one wants to cheer on a guy that doesn’t have the morals they stand for. When it comes to One Direction, the rules are no different. Not only are some fans upset about the recent actions of Zayn Malik, but it seems that so are his former bandmates. Check out what’s happening in One Direction world below:

A Diss Like No Other

Credit: Javierosh/Flickr
Credit: Javierosh/Flickr

First, the problem: Zayn decided to leave One Direction for a solo career. Sure, that happens to many of today’s biggest stars when they are slightly older, but not at the height of their fame. What does bandmate Louis Tomlinson have to say about it? According to recent reports, he’s called the singer out, allegedly saying that Zayn left the group “like a coward.” Pretty harsh words. Reports indicate that Louis is angry and “mad as hell” at the 21-year-old’s move to leave the band, and now it seems that Zayn is doing whatever it takes to avoid his previous band mates, which is just fueling the fire, so to speak.

Some people, however, are coming to Zayn’s defence saying that the 1D star has simply “checked out” and isn’t really trying to ignore his former bandmates on purpose.

A Prison Sentence?

Credit: Donkeyjacket45/Wikipedia
Credit: Fiona McKinlay/Wikipedia

It doesn’t help that Harry and the other guys feel that Zayn was always on his way out. In fact, they’ve said, in a recent interview, that Zayn implied that being in the band with the boys was  like serving a prison sentence, claiming he only did it for the fans. There’s no doubt that his comments were hurtful to the other members. It seems Zayn lacked any type of loyalty to the other guys, people who helped him to reach the potential he was at when he was a part of the group.

What’s more, the rest of the One Direction crew feel let down. They feel as though they stood beside him and supported him throughout the last few years and a variety of struggles. With talk of his breakup from fiancée Perrie Edwards, it’s really hard to know what’s really going through that head, but there’s no doubt that his fans are there to support the rest of the members of One Direction – all of which have said they will do what it takes to keep the band moving forward.

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