What’s Happened To Kylie Jenner?

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Kylie Jenner, the youngest Kardashian, has always seemed somewhat in the shadow of her older, flashier siblings. However, lately we’ve noticed a very different vibe coming from Kylie.

Quite frankly, she looks totally different.

Almost overnight, Kylie has gone from a typical jeans-and-T-shirt-wearing teenager to someone who, well, looks more like her big sister Kim.

Or some sort of hybrid of Kylie and Kim.

Those Lips! (And Chin… And Eyes…)

In late 2014, it’s rumoured that Kylie underwent the first of a series of cosmetic procedures to change and augment her appearance. The most noticeable of these changes was her lips.

Previously, Kylie had never had bee-stung lips like that; they looked more like the pout of a normal teenager.

Kylie Jenner’s facial structure also now looks totally different. Her chin and jawline are smaller, and her brow is more pronounced; her eyebrows are more dramatic, more arched – and even her eyes look bigger!

The changes extend to Kylie’s demeanour as well; gone is the reserved, shy teen, and in her place is a sultry, smouldering sexpot with loads of attitude.

A Kardashian Konspiracy?

Some might say it’s the magic of cosmetic surgery that accounts for these changes, but others in the conspiracy theory realm offer a different explanation:

The real Kylie Jenner has been “retired” and replaced with a Kim-Kylie clone hybrid!

Yes, this is probably a theory reserved mainly for the “tinfoil hat-wearing” crowd, but some feel that this is the only way to account for such dramatic changes. There are rumours that the technology exists for human beings to be cloned and “grown up” rapidly in labs to become the age needed to replace the original subject…

Could it be that momager Kris Jenner didn’t think the original Kylie was “marketable,” so she was open to using this technology to create a more bankable youngest Kardashian?

For now, all any of us know for sure is that Kylie looks very, very different, and it’s hard to believe that plastic surgery could alter someone’s facial structure (and demeanour) so completely, and without leaving scars.

So, on the crazy chance that this is true, where is the REAL Kylie Jenner, the original?

We hope she’s free to live the life she chooses out of the spotlight. Now that she’s 18, she can do whatever she likes – including getting far, far away from her media-hungry family.

What do you think? Is the new Kylie Jenner a “Kardashian klone,” or just the lucky recipient of some great plastic surgery?