Will Deez Nuts Become the Next U.S. President?

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Nine percent of North Carolinian voters seem to hope so. Unfortunately, Nuts is 20 years too young to make a valid bid for the White House. But that won’t stop him from shaking up the scene.

The man behind the Nuts is fifteen-year-old high school sophomore Brady Olson. He filed with the FEC as an Independent candidate on July 26 and made a powerful showing against Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

It began with an email sent to Public Policy Polling. When polling specialist Jim Williams read the filing statement, he tossed Nuts into the polls. The reception was tepid at first.

Despite stiff competition, Nuts’ poll numbers rose to 7 percent in Minnesota, 8 percent in Iowa, and nearly double digits in North Carolina.  What began as a joke was now a crusade. Fed up with partisan politics, Olson plans to use Deez Nuts to rouse voters from apathy. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Olson stated, “I really didn’t want to see Clinton, Bush, or Trump in the White House, so I guess I’m just trying to put up a fight.” With potential running mate Limberbutt McCubbins (a democratic cat from Kentucky), Nuts may well shape America’s next four years. Olson has the support of friends, family, his hometown of Iowa, and backers in 23 other states who want to help expand Nuts’ influence.

But can Nuts really pull it off? Anyone can file a Form 2 with the FEC and become a presidential candidate. But they must enter the information accurately. Aside from the age restriction, a Deez Nuts doesn’t live in Iowa (albeit dozens of Deez Nuts live in the U.S. from coast to coast), invalidating Olson’s campaign.

While he knows he can’t win, Olson would gladly vacate the presidency for Democrat Bernie Sanders or Libertarian Gary Johnson. The 15-year-old contrasted Sanders’ open, down-to-earth demeanor to Clinton’s, and his own self-proclaimed ‘fresh’ ideas to those of Trump.

Olson, who identifies as a Libertarian, even has an online platform, where he gives his stance on the energy crisis, immigration, same-sex marriage, and other tough topics.
But he’s not alone. Nuts’ fame sparked a deluge of FEC filings including “Butt Stuff,” “Mr. Not Sure,” “DOGED Doge coin Dark,” and “Jean-Luc Picard.” Olson welcomes the support and is proud to make a difference.