We Have Some Ridiculously Exciting News About Will Smith…

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Whilst speaking on Zane Lowe’s radio show Beats 1, Will Smith gave us not one, but THREE super exciting announcements. I’ll break this down so that you can let each sink in properly…*breathes*…

Will Smith is back with a new song?? HELL to the YES.
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He’s one of the coolest guys on the planet, and now the rumours are true. Will Smith is back in the music biz. YES. He’s brought us hits like ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’, ‘Miami’ and ‘Just the Two of Us’, but how will he top these absolute bangers?

Fiesta is a collaboration with Colombian group Bomba Estéreo and is basically a Latino party in your ears. Whilst listening to this, I imagine Will in a mysterious South American club wearing shades and a cap even though he’s indoors. Because he can. And he’s also making a bounce movement with his arms. Because that’s what you do when you’ve got big willie style.

We can take it. ‘BIG WILL!’ he exclaims at the beginning of the track, before rapping ‘Go get a beer-a’ in a very convincing Spanish accent. Oh my gosh, Will Smith is back. We’re so happy.

OMG, did he just do a little swear?

Yes, yes he did. But we’re all adults here. Even more excitingly, this is just the beginning. Will also talked about how he’s been in the studio:

‘I’m pretty much popping in the studio every day, and I’m looking for artists to collaborate with….I’ve got a lot of young artists and young philosophers just trying to help me extract the ideas from my mind. But I’ve probably recorded 30 songs and I’ve got six or seven that I really like.’


2. He’s touring with JAZZY JEFF

I KNOW. Will is, and I quote ‘pretty certain’ that they’re going headline a full worldwide tour together next Summer. Up until now he’s been too busy with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or making movies, but he stated that he’s ‘looking for (this) summer to be the first time that we go out on a full world tour’ and that he’s ‘really ready’. AND SO ARE WE.

Aghhh! Will Smith is back but so is Jazzy Jeff!
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Wow wow wow. Surely there can’t be more news??

3. Bad Boys 3 is HAPPENING

IT REALLY IS! After a little gentle persuasion, Will revealed that ‘There is a very, very, very strong possibility that you will be seeing a Bad Boys within the next 12-16 months.’ The third installment will undoubtedly see the Will Smith as we know and love, with copious amount of fire, crazy action shots, and looking as badass as ever. And we can’t wait.

Will Smith is back and looking as bad as ever
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