Will The Rock Ever Finish Buttoning His Sleeve?

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This is a serious question, guys. So please respect me asking it. Here it goes: will The Rock ever finish buttoning his sleeve? Because, honestly, it seems to be a constant struggle for him. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s so muscly that his range of motion is rather restricted, causing him to be unable to reach that button properly? I don’t know, this might all just be speculation. And if there’s one thing The Rock hates it’s candy ass speculation. So we thought, let’s go through the evidence scientifically to really understand whether or not this is a problem.

Exhibit A. The Original Meme

Will The Rock Ever Finish Buttoning His Sleeve part 1

This is pretty damning evidence of The Rock’s inability to button his sleeve. At first I thought he was just posing in a really cool muscly guy way, but there’s more to it than that. If you really cast your eyes on the pictures and focus, you can see that he shows off a pained expression. It’s either that he’s trying to hold in a protein fart or he’s really straining to get that sleeve buttoned.

Exhibit B. The Rock Strikes Again

Will The Rock Ever Finish Buttoning His Sleeve part 3

When going through all the evidence, it seemed that the original meme had it all covered. In fact, almost in vain, we thought there wouldn’t be any further occurrences of our boy failing to button his sleeve. But much to our dismay…Here is another picture of him struggling with that damn jabroni sleeve.

Exhibit C. The Rock Becomes a Monster

Will The Rock Ever Finish Buttoning His Sleeve part 2

And it’s just gone from bad to worse. ANOTHER picture has materialised. When will this madness end? Rocky, if you’re reading, please get in touch. I think I can teach you a thing or two about buttoning your sleeves. I’d actually call myself an expert at it. If you smell what Mo is cooking!

h/t Masi Popal, who made the original meme on Instagram