Praise Be! This Nespresso-Style Wine Machine Is ACTUALLY A Thing

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Forget the rations of tinsel springing up in supermarkets and the mince pies on the shelves at M&S. The production of this new Nespresso-style wine machine, aptly called D-Vine, is all the proof we need that Christmas has come early.

Picture this: you’re at home, hibernating for the winter. Some friends pop round, and you decide to make a night of it with a little tipple of wine. Except, there’s a small problem. Martin likes his wine blood red, Sarah only drinks white wine – and then there’s bloody Steve who will only allow rosé wine to cross his sacred lips. Bloody Steve. This is why no-one ever invites you to things.

Enter D-Vine. It’s a contraption that works much like a Nespresso machine. Simply take a 10cl flacon (enough for one glass) of your choice of wine, slot it in at the top, and allow the machine to do its thing.

The wine machine makes pouring a glass of your preferred tipple SO much easier.

We only have one very serious question: why has it taken so long for this to become a thing?! And it seems the world agrees with us. When the creators of the D-Vine machine took to the crowdfunding website Ulule last year, they managed to whip up 270% of their original £11,080 goal. We’ve finally made it into the 21st century, guys.

With a Nespresso-style wine machine, all your friendly meet ups will look exactly like this. But probably with fewer people.

So, how does it actually work?

The best thing about the creation is that you don’t need to be a sommelier to get the most out of it. Which is great news for us, because our understanding of wine doesn’t really go much further than a cheap-as-chips bottle of Blossom Hill from Asda.

The D-Vine registers which wine you’re putting through the system, and it will then optimise it so it’s at its perfect serving condition. It even aerates the wine before serving it at the proper temperature, all in just 60 seconds.


The Nespresso-style wine machine also makes a swanky addition to your kitchen
Forget the glass, you could probably just fit your head through there and open your mouth | Credit:

Flacons can be purchased separately and will keep for up to three years – but c’mon, who’s going to leave a test tube of wine lying around for 36 long months? Pft, amateurs.

Although it sounds like a dream come true, it might take a few extra hours of overtime in order to afford one for your own kitchen. Various articles state the machine will be sold for between £145.56 and £365. We’re sincerely hoping it’s more the former, as we don’t think we can go for much longer without one of these…

This wine machine will make it much easier for our lives to be like this.

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