Winter Is Coming. Here Are 5 Ways To Prepare

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Winter is coming…and despite what that Norwegian study about seasonal depression may say, you know what that means: several months of stale air caught inside your home with nothing but fattening leftovers and the distinct stale smell of still-out-there Christmas decorations. But every fight can be fought with the right foresight; winter is coming….here’s how you must prepare.

Hoard (Literally) All The Blankets

hoard all the blankets winter is coming

Warmth may be found amidst the proper equipment.  Your best weapon against the approaching chill is a gigantic stock of fuzzy, fluffy, thick blankets.  Know them; love them; keep them. Better yet: steal them from your enemies.  This way, you can be kept warm both by the general fuzziness, and by the knowledge that your comfort comes at the price of their suffering.