Your Kids Are Going to Have To Work Until They’re 100

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You might as well just give up now, because futurologist Rohit Talwar has stated that kids today will have to work until the grand old age of 100. They’ll also go through approximately 40 jobs in their lifetime to make ends meet. Yep. Your kids, siblings, cousins and grandkids will have to work to 100.

A not over-the-top-at-all reaction to how children will have to work to 100


But what is a futurologist exactly? Even though it sort of sounds like someone you’d find writing about horoscopes in the back page of a free newspaper, futurologists can be used for advising businesses on how their companies may look in the future, based on current circumstances.

Speaking at the Headmasters’ and Headmistresses’ Conference, Rohit warned that the education system is the reason why the world is changing so fast. So basically everyone is working too hard and is too clever and should really just stop everything they’re doing.

Both wizards and children will have to work to 100.

Shame on us!

We’re also living longer because of how quickly medical technology is advancing. Terrible. And worst of all, we’re increasingly pushing for every part of our lives to be easier by using apps and automated systems. Meaning that there’s less use for us mere humans.

Scariest of all, he’s predicted that 30-80% of jobs we know today will no longer exist in the next decade or two. Companies are realising that they can automate a lot of their systems. And if you’re able to eliminate the flaws of basic human error, and save money at the same time, you’re going to, right?

I don't CARE about companies. Children will have to work to 100!!
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And it’s not just the fact that kids will have to work to 100. He said that the next generation will have to take on a number of different jobs, instead of having one focussed career:

“You might be driving Uber part of the day, renting out your spare bedroom on Airbnb, renting out space in your closet, storage for Amazon, doing delivery for Amazon, renting out your driveway for somebody who wants to park their car there.”

That sounds like a lot of work.

Essentially, we’re changing the world too fast and the education system needs to change with it. Else we’ll all live for a real long time and robots will take over the world. And that would really suck.

Children will have to work to 100, but at least the robots will be happy

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