The Absolute Worst Celebrity Kids Names

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Kids are the future, apparently. Haven’t you heard? Despite that sound logic, and for some unknown reason, celebrities love damaging their children’s career paths by giving them names that wouldn’t be out of place in most Star Trek.

For the last few days, the world…well, all of my friends on social media, have been captivated by what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would end up calling their newborn son. It transpired in the end, much to my dismay, that they weren’t going to call it Storm Desmond or South or Easton, but actually Saint. Saint West. Haaaaan.

And while it’s bad, it might not be as bad as some of these absolute corkers. What do you reckon?


kal el worst celebrity kids names

Nicholas Cage is one of the finest actors of our generation. But that doesn’t forgive him for naming his son Kal-El. I mean, it would sort of be an okay name if you didn’t know where it came from. If you’re unfamiliar with the Superman story, then you should really be informed that our favourite superhero was born Kal-El. Yep.