5 Worst Disney Rides Ever (Most Are Thankfully Gone)

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Conservation Station, Disney’s Animal Kingdom (open)

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Imagine reading about an amazing animal encounter you can experience at the Animal Kingdom theme park – where you can actually interact and pet the animals. You wait anxiously in the (long) line, take a (long) train ride and disembark. After a (long) and anticipatory walk, you come to the attraction. (Spoilers ahead)

It’s goats.

Lots of goats.

Lots of hungry, mildly harassed goats, mixed in with lots of pissed-off parents.

That’s all folks. If you like goats, you’ll love Conservation Station, but if you fall for the hype (both tigers and elephants are pictured on the sign but not in evidence in the attraction), you’ll be disappointed. You’ll also be angry when you realize the only way back to the main part of the park is another (long) wait in line and (long) train ride. Skip this and go to Kilimanjaro Safari instead; you can’t pet them, but you will see elephants, giraffes and more from the ride vehicle.