Could This Be The Worst Job Advert Ever?

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Starting a new job can be stressful. You’re hoping that your colleagues are friendly. You’re praying you don’t somehow mess up and get yourself fired in the first 10 minutes. You seriously contemplate having a Plan B in case you turn up and find the job isn’t exactly what you thought it was. It’s a huge minefield on your very first day.

Is this the worst job advert ever?

Consider, then, applying for this job. Many are calling it the worst job advert ever, but we think differently. I mean, at least they’re being honest about what you can expect…right?

Is this the worst job advert ever?

Found on the Australian job website Seek, the job advert – for a senior digital producer – openly admits it’s the ‘worst job in town’, in a ‘poor location’ and with a wage ‘paying below market’. Yep. Those are the top three things we look for in a new job.

The advert then goes on to admit that the company has a ‘below average client folio’ and ‘a bunch of at best mediocre staff’ – who are later described as ‘lazy egotistic creatives and developers’.

Oh well, at least the benefits must be good, right? Erm, nope. There is, reportedly, no work/life balance whatsoever. Friday beers aren’t paid for, and there’s no natural light in the office itself.

The advert itself sums it up nicely: “If you’re looking for a great place to work where you’ll be valued, have a career and be looked after, please move on, this job isn’t for you.”

Here’s the job advert in full:

worst job advert ever?

So, is it legit?

I mean, we’ve heard of terrible jobs, but this is seemingly taking it to a whole other level. Amazingly, the advert is for an actual real job. Yep, we’re not joking. Julien Viard, a digital recruiter, told Mashable Australia:

“If you look at ads on Seek, I find that a lot of ads are overselling jobs, and very few ads give you a actual insight into what the job is. So I decided to go for the complete opposite.”

Fair enough. But there might be some good news on the horizon: the job, apparently, isn’t as bad as it seems. Viard said that it is actually a ‘really good’ position. He’s even received a good response from potential applicants who got quite the chuckle from the advert. Well…whatever floats your boat, we guess.

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