So You Think Wrestling Is Fake?

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So you think wrestling is fake, eh? Well, that’s not quite the word we’d use. What people need to realise is, despite the outcome being scripted, the performers put themselves at risk for your entertainment. Of course it’s homoerotically charged and theatrical, but the injuries these guys and girls sustain are real. You don’t go to watch a movie and scream that Nick Cage’s amazing backflip landing was fake, do you? Well, it’s the same principle at play here in the squared circle. It’s scripted, but people enjoy the performances for many reasons. To call wrestling fake is to do a disservice to the performers who put their bodies on the line day-in day-out for their fans. If you still think wrestling is fake, then keep reading and see if we can change your mind.

Recent injuries

you think wrestling is fake? ask daniel bryan
The infamous neck brace used in pro wrestling to signify ‘injury’. Daniel Bryan is actually out of action owing to his injuries.
  • Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion in a match with Sheamus. Concussions can obviously derail a career. Because of the injury, Bryan will not be a part of the Intercontinental Championship storyline.
  • Erick Rowan experienced a tear in his bicep and will need a minimum of 6 months in order to recover.
  • Plagued with shoulder problems, Randy Orton suffered yet another injury when taking out the garbage. Physical conditions can flare up off of the mat. Orton will need surgery and be out for 4 to 6 months.
  • Seth Rollins, WWE World Heavyweight Champion, will have some serious recovery time coming his way. In a November house show, Rollins tore his right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus. He will miss from 6 to 9 months of matches. ACL tears and the like can be difficult to recover from as the area receives less blood flow and is a ligament rather than muscle. It is easy to reinjure the area and surrounding supporting structures around the knee. His title was stripped from him the day after the injury.
  • Sting was in a match against Seth Rollins in September. Sting experienced a severe neck injury that required trainer attendance during the match. Fans do not know if or when he will return.

Constant battle

you think wrestling is fake? ask sting
You can’t be telling me that going through a table doesn’t hurt.

Performers can be put into excruciating pain when something goes wrong as they are bodyslammed, piledriven and thrown through furniture. A body can only take so much blunt trauma before something breaks. Some of the toughest wrestlers even make it through to the end of the match, sustaining real injuries from falls and other areas of impact. Take the case of Hardcore Holly, or when he suffered a pretty horrific injury during a routine move. During a match, Holly superplexed Rob Van Dam through a table to the outside of the ring but sustained real injury when he landed incorrectly and the broken table cut him open with a 15 inch wound. He required 24 stitches after his match. So even though some wrestlers will “blade” and cut themselves for the show with a small razor, this was a real injury that Holly experienced. Watch the video (warning: graphic content) to see what happened to Holly and how he pushed on. Still think wrestling is fake?


wrestling is fake, is it? nope

You’ve got to give it to them. Point to the real injuries sustained when people ask is wrestling fake? These performers put their bodies to brutal use when putting on an entertaining match. The blood and sweat these performers offer up for viewing pleasure is real. Every time they get in the ring they put themselves in danger of sustaining real damage.

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