Can You Guess How Old This Model Is?

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With her flat stomach, lean figure and gentle curves, Yasmina Rossi has a body that many 20-year-olds would kill for. (Even me, but I love cake and not moving out of bed too much to really do anything about it.)

But what age do you reckon she really is? We’ll give you a few visuals to work with:

Yasmina Rossi puts us all to shame with her body. But just how old is she?Yasmina Rossi puts us all to shame with her body. But just how old is she?

What are we going with? 40? 30?

You’d be completely wrong. Yasmina puts us all to shame – because she’s actually 59 years old.

Even Kourtney can't believe how old Yasmina Rossi is.

Yeah, we’re not joking.

59-year-old Yasmina Rossi is a French model who’s kept up her modelling days almost twice as long as others in the industry. In fact, she only started modelling in her late 20’s, which is generally considered a bit ‘over-the-hill’ by model standards.

But it’s worked out amazingly well for Yasmina, who ended up moving to New York when she was 45 to feature in several major campaigns. Macy’s, Hermes, YSL – yeah, she’s done them all.

By now you’re probably wondering just what her secret is. Luckily for us, it’s all pretty simple. Just eat an all-organic diet, do some exercise, treat your hair with grapeseed oil, scrub your skin with olive oil and sugar, and tuck into an avocado every day. Sounds completely doable, right?

Yasmina Rossi puts us all to shame with her body. But just how old is she?

Yasmina regularly posts pictures of her gorgeous modelling shoots to her 6,600-plus followers on Instagram, and it’s fair to say she’s our new hero. Posing next to men half her age, the French model sizzles with glamour and style from every angle. Even her long, silver hair doesn’t give her age away. She’s pretty much a real life Daenerys Targaryen. Well, without all the dragons.

All we can say: we really hope we look like Yasmina Rossi when we’re approaching retirement age.

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