Yelp is Suing South Park For $10 Million?!

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One of the things we love about South Park is that they’re never afraid to take risks. Who could forget their depiction of Steve Irwin (complete with a stingray stuck in his chest)? Or their controversial Scientology episodes that pissed off Tom Cruise?

They’ve always managed to come away from the controversies (relatively) unscathed. Which is why we were shocked when we saw that Yelp is suing South Park for $10 million – all over the show’s depiction of the site in its latest episode ‘You’re Not Yelping’. In fact, Yelp are reportedly seeking $10 million in libellous damages. Or are they? Hmm.

Yelp is suing South Park – but is everything as it seems?

So what exactly was said about Yelp in the episode itself? Well, firstly the creators referred to Yelp’s users as self-important food critics. And, uh, then they started to compare them to members of ISIS. Yelp, indeed.

Just take a look at this clip from the episode in which a restaurant’s ‘Yelper Special’ is declared to be made up of ‘boogers and cum’:

South Park responded to the alleged lawsuit in the way only South Park could. Their statement said:

“We’ve taken a hard look at the information presented to us, and after reviewing it, we have given Yelp and their lawsuit only one star. Their lawyers delivered us legal documents in a very unprofessional manner; not bothering to smile or even a quick handshake. The writing on the envelope was barely legible and in two different colours. It is our personal opinion that Yelp could do a much better job by not suing us for ten million dollars.”

Come On, This Isn’t True

Yeah, this is where things start to get a bit weird. Because, while various platforms have reported that Yelp is suing South Park, it turns out it’s actually all one big hoax.

Yelp even had to step up to the plate to explain things. Sort of:

OK, so it was all just one big piece of satire. Great stuff. Yeah, we weren’t fooled…that much. To be fair, we should have realised it was all a joke when the original article quoted ‘Fappy The Anti-Masturbation Dolphin’. Such jokers.

Wait, Yelp is suing South Park? It’s all a joke? What’s going on? We don’t even know anymore. But why not read up on some of our other articles, including This Is The Best Sopranos Theory of All Time and Ballers Is The Best TV Show You’ve Not Seen Yet.