You’ll No Longer Be Able To Watch The Office on Netflix UK

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Yes. It’s true. Subscribers to Netflix UK will no longer be able to tune in to the American version of The Office after Friday 4th September. According to popular blog What’s On Netflix the licence to broadcast the show is expiring and has yet to be taken up for renewal.

If you’ve not yet watched it, then you’re really missing out. After a rocky start where it unsuccessfully tried to emulate the original it really started to find its feet. That was in large part to some wonderful comedic performances, of which very few were as awesome as Steve Carell’s turn as slapstick manager Michael Scott.

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If you need some recommendations on where to start, then we suggest Season 3, episode 22 entitled ‘Women’s Appreciation‘ which is an intense experiment in politically incorrect comedy. It was probably also one of the first few episodes that cemented the legacy of the show.